My Work

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My Work

Whenever I tell people what my day to day job is, they look at me surprised. Either they didn't think it was possible to live this way or don't know what a GIF is. To make things simpler, I listed all of my work below:

Content Management

There is no way around it, we live in hyper active times. Teenagers spend 10 hours on average on their phones, older people are getting familiar with social media and most of us in between use it to block annoying ads.

Most brands out there don't utilize content to its fullest potential. Either it's a one way street, where they don't engage at all with their community, or they do the exact opposite and do way too much, not developing a clear message.

The main problem there is the lack of strategy and management of content. This is where I come in and help out. Most of my time is spend in documents and planing boards, trying to figure out the best way to engage with audiences. 80% of the time I create a system for my clients from which they can easily find, curate and create content.


Even though I love to be in the thick of it and work on something specific, I also love to work with a certain groups within a company. Whether that is a workshop to find core company values or straight up guide a content team through their next launch. I'm there to consult and help my clients out.

Send me a DM

Do you have questions, want to meet or have something else in mind? My email inbox is always open and I generally try to answer every correspondence within 24 hours.

If I don't respond, hey it can happen, the next best bet would be my Twitter or LinkedIn profile. I check my DM's there on a regular basis.

Talk soon!