About Me

Who am I and why am I so enthusiastic about Bitcoin? Find all the answers here!

I'm Joël Kai Lenz and you landed on my website, or as we called them back in the days, blog. As you might have guessed from the title, I like to talk about Bitcoin, Innovation and Technology.

Throughout the day, I work as a content manager and help companies within the decentralized world. Whether it's an exchange or an exciting startup I'm there to set a strategy, build online communities and use GIF's as my superpower!

How did I get into the space?

I stumbled across this Guardian article in 2013. The now infamous Silk Road was described and people were outraged about it. Back then no one understood what was about to happen. Bitcoin, by now a household name, was relatively new. The only thing people would compare it to, were gold tokens within World of Warcraft or silly tokens to play with in Monopoly.

I was suspicious at first, as it sounded too good to be true. Programmable internet money, which is mined by fellow geeks through complex mathematical calculations. However, something stuck with me and I urged myself to read the whitepaper.

Once I downloaded the file and opened the PDF. The title read: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System written by Satoshi Nakamoto. I was immediately interested. Back in school I used to learn how to write some Java code as well as the core concept of how the web operated. Therefore I understood what Peer to Peer meant and why this could become a big thing.

The next 14 days were the most adventurous of my life. I sat in front of my laptop, figuring out how to mine some Bitcoin, creating wallets and using it in online communities. People close to me didn't understand what I meant. Friends thought I was crazy. My family thought I played some video games and had some virtual money to spend.

I knew I was interested and decided to dive in deeper into the whole topic. For the next 3 years I would stay up late, talk to people at the other end of the world and use this new phenomenon as a form of friendship and not a form of monetary exchange. Most of what I mined, I spent online for access to chat groups or some tickets for online events. Looking back, I should have HODL'd and not spend any Bitcoin.  

Freelance life started to become a reality!

2016 came along and I was gearing up to finish school as well as getting more into freelance work. Besides school and Bitcoin, I was running some social media channels and started to like it just as much. In the beginning I helped smaller shops, but eventually moved onto media companies and PR agencies.

Fast forward two more years and we're in the crypto winter. Bitcoin dropped hard, Ethereum was the new kid on the block but still had issues and every ICO which took place, wouldn't survive in the long run. I knew this was a second chance for me to get into Bitcoin. As I spent a lot of it in the early days and now I was able to buy it back pretty cheaply.

I stuck with the market and two years later and I found myself working for the most innovative and courageous companies out there. Striving through one of the bigger global crisis in 2020, always plugging along and stacking Sats. Every time Bitcoin crashed, it recovered and strived even better to a point, where more and more people would get into it. Nowadays, big banks like JP Morgan or companies like Stripe offer Bitcoin.

What can we expect in the near future?

I'm writing this page in March 2022 and we already see a couple of countries who adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. Sure, most of them are small on a global scale, but we'll eventually see a whole palette of countries who utilize this amazing technology. Whether it's at Bitcoin Beach or in the Central African Republic, people have access to the greatest innovation since the internet.

With that in mind, I hope you'll enjoy my articles and pick up something new every time you come back. If you wish to get into contact with me, don't hesitate and reach out via email or Twitter.

Joël Kai Lenz