Joël Kai Lenz

I'm a content creator who's on the hunt for the next best coffee shop to write stories about Bitcoin and the Internet.

About Me

Hi, my name is Joël Kai Lenz. I'm 28 years old and currently living in Vienna. My background is in the media industry, but after working in it for a while, I knew I had to find something new.Because I already knew how to write, edit and tell stories, I didn't need to look any further and began working as a content writer. I was always interested in finance and technology; it only seemed logical to work in the Bitcoin, fintech, and the technology world.If I'm not sitting in front of my laptop writing, I like to spend time in coffee shops or bookstores reading exciting books. If the travel bug catches me, which can happen once every few months, I also like to explore new cultures and hear what kind of stories they have to tell!

What I do

By day, I work for Relai, the Bitcoin app that allows you to take control of your future, today! I'm their content lead and responsible for all content on their website, blog, newsletter as well as their videos. Chances are, if Relai posts something, I was involved.I also write and produce content besides my work at Relai. Much of my writing is for institutions, funds, news sites, and occasionally something public on my blog.Next to my blog, I regularly update some of my public pieces here:Bitcoin Magazine:
Why the Creator Economy Needs to Run On Bitcoin
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Bitcoin News:
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Bitcoin braucht bessere Kritiker, vor allem aus den eigenen Reihen
Next to my writing gigs, I record episodes with my co-host Ian for our podcast Rabbit Hole Stories. It's a show where we talk to people about their journey into Bitcoin and why they stuck around.


Have I sparked your interest, or do you have questions? Great! Don't hesitate and reach out. Either by sending me an email or a DM on any of the social platforms below. Talk soon!

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